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For the first time in longer than he could remember, he felt actual fear …

Buzzer could hear his rapid breathing, his heart pounded in his chest and for the first time in 
longer than he could remember, he felt actual fear. He dove to his stomach and belly-crawled to 
the edge of the doorway, retrieving both blasters along the way. Peeking around the edge, he 
caught a faint glimpse of movement, the form of a man moving across the street from the woods.
In a heartbeat, he was up and running after the man, leveling his half-charger and firing blast 
after blast into the night. Pure adrenaline drove him on, making him forget about the intense pain 
in his side and, more importantly, making him forget his fear.

The man rounded a corner and disappeared. Buzzer ran ever harder, jumping over debris and 
the bodies of more dead U.E.N. soldiers. Pulling one of his blasters from its holster, he stopped
near the edge of the building on the corner and whipped the weapon around with his left hand. 
An arm lashed out and struck the blaster free. Before he could react, his left arm was clasped
tightly and twisted backwards and behind him. Buzzer was caught unawares, something that 
genuinely surprised him, and he allowed himself to be tossed backwards to the ground. As he 
rolled he could see the man trying to take aim on him with a small weapon, most likely a mini- 
blaster stolen off of one of the dead soldiers he had passed.

Buzzer came to an abrupt stop, lying flat on the cold street, and snapped off a blast with his 
half-charger. His adversary dove to the side to avoid the blast, his own shot veering wildly into 
the woods.

Up and running toward the man, Buzzer covered the short distance in less than two seconds. 
He crashed into the smaller man with everything he had just as the other was gaining his footing. 
Buzzer heard a loud grunt escape from his opponent and the sound of a weapon clattering to the 
asphalt. They both hit the street hard and bounced away from each other.

Buzzer was up first and began to bring his half-charger to bear but the man dove at his knees, 
sending him sprawling to the street once more. The Guarder saw the glint of what seemed to be a 
blade rising above him and hit the man hard in the abdomen with the butt of his half-charger.
The man’s breath exploded out of him and he rolled frantically away. Buzzer rose to one knee 
and, leaving the larger weapon slung from his shoulder, grabbed his second blaster and fired at 
the rolling figure. A large chunk of asphalt popped out of the street inches from the man’s face 
but missed the target entirely. Buzzer fired again but heard nothing but a click. The blaster was 
fully drained…