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The Guarder Factor

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The Guarder Factor 

By Shawn P. Madison

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THE GUARDER FACTOR is an exciting but very realistic (meaning bloody) military science fiction that hooks the audience...Shawn P. Madison makes war in outer space seem vibrantly realistic." Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Reviews.


"If you like Robert Heinlein, enjoyed the film of Starship Troopers...then this book is well worth consideration." Steve Mazey, THE ETERNAL NIGHT.


"Shawn gracefully writes science fiction with a strong flair of horror bleeding from its core!" Brutal Dreamer Reviews.


"Fans of military science fiction are going to love GUARDER LORE, an action packed story line that starts out at warp speed and accelerates from there." Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Reviews.


"The tales of GUARDER LORE are rife with blood, guts, blaster fire...and high-action adventures." THE OUTER RIM.