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Guarder Lore

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Guarder Lore

By Shawn P. Madison

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What reviewers are saying about GUARDER LORE

“This is an action-packed book, kids, so the squeamish and the laid back need not apply. But even if you aren’t a devotee of space-opera-shoot-em-ups...the guy can write. His characters are real, their dialogue tough yet fresh, and they take on a semblance of reality that goes a long way towards suspending that darn old disbelief. If I were writing or directing an action movie, I’d ask Shawn’s opinion, and that’s more praise than I should be allowed to give anyone.”

~Bob Yosco, Shadowkeep

“This is a universe in which I would love to read more tales, finding out what happens on some of these outpost worlds that have all-too-brief mentions upon in this work. There is a history here, with wars, treaties and exoduses to the stars that I'd like to explore with the characters. In short I want more! Thankfully there are sequels and other works planned - get writing Shawn!”

~Steve and Lesley Mazey, The Eternal Night