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The Intersesction

The Intersection 

by Edmund Lester

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All Ben Williamson has ever wanted to be is ordinary, boring even. As he approaches his fiftieth birthday he thinks he has it all. He’s an accountant for a medium sized practice; a middle-class, middle-aged, middle-management type living an unpretentious life in Middle England. And that’s exactly how he wants it to stay. Unfortunately the universe, or rather the multiverse, thinks differently. It has its own plans for Ben Williamson.

Caught in a sudden shower whilst on a Mediterranean long weekend, Ben Williamson ducks into an old antique shop to avoid a soaking. Inside his eyes are drawn to an old film canister and finds himself helpless to resist buying himself an unusual holiday souvenir. Back home he is captivated by the film and the scene it captures, a New York intersection in 1909, and watches it repeatedly, only to find it contains a disconcerting, supernatural secret.