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A Parallel Life

A Parallel Life 

By Edmund Lester

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All Ben Williamson has ever wanted to be is ordinary, boring even. As he approaches his fiftieth birthday he thinks he has it all. He’s an accountant for a medium sized practice; a middle-class, middle-aged, middle-management type living an unpretentious life in Middle England. And that’s exactly how he wants it to stay. Unfortunately the universe, or rather the multiverse, thinks differently. It has its own plans for Ben Williamson.

A Parallel Life

Ben’s life is rocked by a news report. Outside the office where he works a man is murdered. The man, also named Ben Williamson, is his virtual double, so alike they could be brothers. In shock over the death and worried he might have been the intended target, not the dead man, Ben researches the man, a former rock guitarist and lead singer for a glam metal band, and his life, slowly becoming drawn into his doppelganger’s life.